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 Surfcamps for young people and adults

Camps are an ideal choice for combining open air sport and living with others, an experience that goes beyond the practice of the sport we all love, “surfing”. Our teachers of surfing as well as our leisure time instructors are professional experts with official qualifications and plenty of experience in this sport. Our modern facilities are unequalled in Spain and have been specially designed to make our camps an unforgettable experience.


They are situated in the Basque hills, but only 5 minutes from Sopela beach where the surf classes are given, and 1.3 kms from the underground metro station which goes directly to the city of Bilbao.


They consist of a private garden of 10,000 square metres, area for deck chairs, archery, covered air-conditioned swimming pool, lounge, 3.5 metre projection screen, table tennis, private skate park and large rooms.

Activities during the camp

14 hours of surfing classes (all levels) with all necessary equipment during 8 days with full board and lodging.

Skateboard and Longboard classes, cultural visits, open-air summer cinema, barbecue, guided tours of Bilbao, Getxo and Armintza, Archery and Yoga classes