Surfing classes in English

Surfing courses in English by native English-speaking teachers.

Learn English while surfing

Learn surfing and practise your English with our surfing courses in English.

Surfing courses in English with native English-speaking teachers. The courses last for 5 days, from Monday to Friday with classes of 2 hours per day.

The entire course is in English, except when safety instructions are explained. The English classes are practical and fun and focused on information and communication in the world of surfing.

Small groups with a maximum of 6 students per teacher.

DATES: 24th June to 6th September
Ages: from 9 to 18

The courses have a minimum of 3 students.


3 students185€ 2h.
4 students175€2h.
5 students165€2h.
6 students155€2h.
* Price per student
* 10 hours 5 days, Monday to Friday
* All courses include material and accident insurance.
* courses are valid for 1 year

Qualified native English-speaking teachers

Our surfing courses in English have native English-speaking teachers who, as well as language teachers, are experts in surfing. This enables us to offer surfing courses in English as a complete learning and fun experience for the students.

This season:

Matthew Metkovich

Born: Usa (California)
Age: 32 años
Years surfing: 24