Private surfing classes

Individualised surfing courses

Private classes

Learn or improve your surfing in Sopelana with a private teacher or in a small group with more individualised monitoring and getting maximum benefit.

Individualised surfing courses are those in which you decide the number of students per class. You can have from 1 to 10 hours of classes, alone or with your partner or with your friends…

Classes for people with a minimum of 33% disability throughout the year.


1 student45€1 hour
2 students37€1 hour
3 students28€1 hour
1 student70€2 hours
2 students55€2 hours
3 students45€2 hours
* Price per student
* courses are valid for 1 year

Our private classes

  • All the courses include the following material: board + neoprene (wet suit) + instructor + third party and accident insurance
  • We recommend that you arrive at the school 15 minutes before the class begins