We have a surfing course for you

Teaching surfing at all levels and to all ages since 2004

We have the ideal course for you

Never mind your age, your skills, or your physical condition, we have the surfing course that can be adapted to your level.

All you need to do is choose the length of the course and a time and a date to begin your surfing classes. We will assign you to the group most suited to your characteristics.

So that you only have to think about enjoying yourself and having a uniquely different surfing experience in the hands of experts.

Choose your surfing course

Group surfing courses

Learn to surf in a controlled way with our beginners’ surfing courses in Sopelana.

The objectives of these courses are to learn the techniques of paddling, standing up, and warming up and stretching exercises in a simple and enjoyable way.

Private classes

Learn or improve your surfing in Sopelana with a private teacher or in a small group with more individualised monitoring and getting maximum benefit.

The individualized surfing classes are those in which you decide the number of students per class. You can have from 1 to 10 hours of classes, alone, or with your partner, or with your friends…

Surfing classes in English

Surfing courses in English are with native English-speaking teachers and last for five days from Monday to Friday with classes of 2 hours per day.

The English classes are practical and fun, and focused on information and communication in the world of surfing.

Activity regulated by the Getxo Town Hall

We co-operate with the Town Hall of Getxo to make surfing an authorized tourist attraction of this municipality.

Thanks to this agreement with the municipal authorities, we guarantee the availability of surfing classes for all those seeking touristic sporting experiences in the area and who wish to try surfing at our school.

Courses for people with disabilities

We carry out DURING THE WHOLE YEAR, courses for people with a minimum disability of 33%, recognized by the competent administration, not requiring a minimum number of people, but can be taught individually.