Surfing Courses at intermediate level

A suitable level for all those surfers who are interested in following their progress and want to become more independent surfers. At this level we will focus on following up the development and the improvement of the basic movements of surfing such as standing up, the bottom turn, pumping and the changes of direction.

At this stage the instructors will advise you about the material that is best adapted to your level and characteristics and special attention will be given to the basic rules of surfing.


  • One of the main objectives will be to learn how to go into the impact zone and to be capable of catching waves that haven’t broken.
  • Learn how to go past the waves unaided (learn how to duck-dive the waves)
  • To control basic movements of surfing such as standing up, pumping for generating speed and changes of direction
  • To be capable of surfing on Backside and Frontside
  • To learn basic rules in the water and preferences.


  • Students must be older than 8 years of age
  • To have done at least 50 hours at beginner level (instructors’ assessment)

Price table per days


5 days

  • 10 h.

7 days

  • 14 h.

10 days

  • 20 h.

15 days

  • 30 h.

20 days

  • 40 h.
  • The morning courses will be held only from Monday to Friday
  • All courses will be of two hours duration
  • All courses include equipment, board + neoprene + instructor + public liability insurance and accident insurance
  • It is advisable to be at the school 15 minutes before the start of the course