Improvement courses

The aim of these courses is to make progress and improve our surfing.

We will deal with different aspects of the subject, depending on the interests of the pupils, and we will try to adapt to these interests and help the pupils to learn this sport.

  • We will teach the pupils to be independent and responsible wherever they are in the sea.
  • We will get to know different beaches and their conditions.
  • We will correct the different mistakes and show ways to improve on them.
  • We will give advice about the use of material (boards, neoprene wetsuits…)
  • We will teach them to respect the basic rules while in the water.
  • We will correct mistakes by using video.
  • We will introduce the pupils to the world of competitions.

The courses are monthly, either one or two days per week, and the duration of the classes will be approximately 2 hours.

The improvement courses will be given by the teachers Diego González and Garazi Sánchez.

2 sessions per week: 120 euros monthly

1 session per week: 80 euros monthly